our story


My name is Sara and I am the Founder and CEO of Penguino Travel.

I fell in love with adventure more than twenty years ago. In eighth grade, I went on a class trip to Costa Rica. I hiked through the cloud forest, shopped at local markets, played in the waves – and came home with a serious case of wanderlust. Since then I have traveled to over 35 countries. And as a parent, I want to share my love for travel with my kids.


But the inspiration for Penguino Travel was a moment where I wanted to do anything but get on a plane with my family!

Two years ago, my family was headed to Mexico on vacation. I finished everything on my to-do list – cleaning, shopping, packing – with no time to spare. I didn’t even have time to shower before we needed to go to the airport. I sat on the floor of my bathroom wondering if I should just stay home while my family went to Tulum!

My husband convinced me to get in the car. That night as we watched the sunset in Tulum, we talked about why we love to travel with our kids.

It’s not just to relax, have fun or connect as a family. We travel with our kids because we want them to grow up with an awareness of people and places around the world.


As we watched dolphins in the Caribbean Sea, ate ceviche on the beach, and explored local markets, we wondered how many other families wanted these same experiences for their kids. We began to dream up ways we could make travel easier for these families.

There are millions of parents around the world who want their kids to grow up with a global perspective. I launched Penguino Travel to make it easier for these parents to take their kids on life-changing adventures. I can’t wait to see where you go with Penguino!