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What's in a Travel Box?

Created for curious kids on the go, Travel Boxes come with the everything families need to pack the ultimate carry-on!

Custom Travel Box
  • Play

    Imaginative toys, crafts, puzzles and books keep kids busy for hours.
  • Discover

    Thoughtful details connect to people and places across the globe.
  • Remember

    Creative travel journals inspire kids to write and draw their memories.
  • Connect

    Clever games and storytelling activities engage the whole family.

How It Works

Travel Boxes make it easy to pack for a family getaway. We're here to help you create the ultimate carry-on for your kids!
Pick a Travel Box
Start with a themed Travel Box or let us create a Custom Travel Box just for you.
Skip the Errands
We deliver your box to your doorstep so you can skip the last-minute trip to the store.
Pack and Go
Simply pack everything in your child's backpack and go. You've got this!

Why Travel with Kids?

Penguino is on a mission to empower parents to take their families on life-changing adventures.
Why Travel with Kids?

Our Story

If there's one thing we've learned traveling with my four kids, it's to never forget their stuffed animals! Penguino is our son Micah's favorite stuffed penguin. Penguino – along with Eyo, Pink and El – have joined our family on adventures to more than 10 countries.
Our Story