Adventure Delivered

Adventure Delivered

Family travel can be fun, relaxing and purposeful. We create Travel Boxes that make it easy!

Pick Your Box

How it Works

Penguino Travel delivers a box of activities, snacks and travel essentials curated for your family to your home. We're here to make family travel easier - so you don't need a vacation from your vacation!
Tell us about you.
Pick a box for your child's age and gender. Tell us what you like and what you don't. Let us know a little about your travel plans.
We create your box.
We hand pick toys, activities, art supplies and travel essentials just for you. Every box includes snacks and fun surprises.
Pack and go.
We deliver your box to your house so you can skip the last minute trip to the store! Simply pack everything in your child's backpack and go.

What's in a Travel Box?

Created for busy families on the go, Penguino Travel Boxes arrive with everything you need to make journey by car, train or airplane fun for kids and relaxing for parents.

Penguino Travel Box
  • Fun

    Our family travel experts hand pick toys and activities to keep your child busy.
  • Snacks

    Your child will enjoy a selection of wholesome snacks and treats.
  • Comfort

    All the little things to keep your child safe, healthy and comfortable on their journey.
  • Life Changing

    Thoughtful details help your child connect to people and places across the globe.

Handpicked for You

Kids are picky and so are we. We curate Travel Boxes with the highest standards for design, quality, safety – and fun!

  • Boxes for Age 3-5

    Boxes for Age 3-5

    Develop your little one’s sense of wonder. Travel Boxes for tiny explorers include coloring books, beeswax crayons, small wooden toys and activities to keep small hands busy.

    Boxes for Age 3-5
  • Boxes for Age 6-9

    Boxes for Age 6-9

    Nurture your child’s love of adventure! Travel Boxes for growing kids will help your child learn about the world. Boxes include coloring books, art supplies, fun games or building toys and the Penguino Travel Journal.

    Boxes for Age 6-9
  • Boxes for Age 10-12

    Boxes for Age 10-12

    Encourage your tween to unplug and play! Curated for kids ready to find their place in the world, these Travel Boxes feature more challenging games and activities and the Penguino Travel Journal.

    Boxes for Age 10-12

Create Your Own

Going on a mini adventure? Start with a Mini Travel Box and add the essentials you need!

Why Travel with Kids?

Penguino is on a mission to empower parents to take their families on life-changing adventures.
Why Travel with Kids?

Our Story

If there's one thing we've learned traveling with my four kids, it's to never forget their stuffed animals! Penguino is our son Micah's favorite stuffed penguin. Penguino – along with Eyo, Pink and El – have joined our family on adventures to more than 10 countries.
Our Story