Travel as an Act of Hope

Travel as an Act of Hope

We take our kids to see the world because we believe it’s possible for them to change it. 

Traveling with little ones is not easy, but it is worth it. Travel – especially when it’s adventurous and authentic – can be transformative.

There’s nothing wrong with going on a cruise, to a beach resort or to Disneyland. Vacations give families the time to relax and have fun together – something we all need. But there is something deeper that happens when you take your kids far away from home.

Kids who grow up connecting with people who are different from them – and experiencing the wonderful, wild places around the world – will value people and the planet differently.

My husband and I have had the opportunity to travel, live and work in dozens of countries. These experiences have changed our lives. And we want this for our kids.

We believe adventure is a family value.

We’ve taken our kids on safari in Uganda and surfing in Morocco, shopping at markets in France and snorkeling in Mexico. We try to live simply so we can afford to travel. And when we travel, we save money by camping, taking buses and trains, and eating like locals.

We’re not alone. Through Penguino, we’ve connected with hundreds of families who share our belief in the purpose of travel. We all want our kids to grow up with a global perspective.

I am a millennial mom. I grew up with the hope that my generation could end poverty and stop global warming. I remain optimistic about the power of technology to connect people across the globe and solve our greatest problems.

And yet, we find ourselves in a moment where hope – or faith in what is possible when people come together for the common good – feels radical. We’re in a moment where people want to build walls, not bridges.

In this context, it feels kind of radical to raise our kids as global citizens.

The choice to travel afar becomes an act of hope.

Playing soccer with kids in a village in Mexico or drinking tea with a shopkeeper in Morocco teaches our kids lessons they cannot learn in a book.

Travel teaches kids to believe in the dignity of everyone, everywhere.

Travel teaches our kids that love is bigger than fear.

So now, more than ever, let’s take our kids everywhere: to places across town and around the world. Let’s encourage them to open their eyes. Show them how to treat others with kindness and respect. Teach them how to listen. And let’s raise our kids to be people who build bridges, not walls.