We're not having a sale.

We're not having a sale.

We're doing Black Friday a little differently.

Instead of a sale, Penguino is giving 100% of our profit today to a cause we love.

We live in a world where there are 65 million refugees. More than half of the world's refugees are children. Refugee families arrive in the United States each day, faced with the challenge of rebuilding their lives in an unfamiliar place.

As a business, we have partnered with World Relief Fort Worth to create Welcome Boxes for refugee kids who have just arrived in Texas. Welcome Boxes are filled with small toys, games, learning activities and art supplies. These boxes help children to play, learn, and feel welcome during a difficult transition. Everyday, for every ten Travel Boxes we sell, we give one Welcome Box.

Today we want to do more. When you shop today, 100% of profits will go towards providing Welcome Boxes for new families.

Our goal is 20 Welcome Boxes. Let's get it done together.