Traveling with kids this summer? Here's how to avoid meltdowns!

Penguino Travel is launching a collection of travel activity kits to keep kids entertained (and quiet) on the airplane or in the car.


Austin, Texas: Busy moms and dads planning a family vacation this summer have a new way to get ready for their trip.  Penguino Travel Boxes make it easy for busy parents to pack the ultimate carry-on, while saving time and avoiding meltdowns on the airplane.

Every parent knows what happens when a child is too hungry, tired or bored on the go – and every parent fears their child having a meltdown on an airplane! By packing a carry-on full of fun activities, healthy snacks and travel essentials, moms and dads can keep kids calm and happy, even on a long trip. But busy parents struggle to find the time to get ready for family vacations.

Penguino Travel is a startup based in Austin, Texas that is focused on empowering families to explore the world. To help parents pack for a trip – and to make flying fun for everyone – the company developed the Travel Box, an activity kit for kids on-the-go ages 3 to 12. Travel Boxes include everything parents need to keep kids from feeling hungry, tired and bored.

In November 2016, the company launched a beta version of the Travel Box. Families traveling everywhere from Texas to Thailand tested the boxes. Building on this early success, Penguino has just launched a new collection for summer travel.

Moms and dads can now pick a custom or a themed Travel Box– or create their own. In just a few clicks, parents can order everything they need to pack the ultimate carry-on.

  • Custom Travel Boxes: To order a Custom Travel Box, parents answer questions about their child’s likes and dislikes and their vacation plans. Penguino’s family travel experts handpick a selection of activities, journals, books, toys, games, arts and crafts.
  • Themed Travel Boxes: Parents can pick a theme and then customize their box with snacks and travel essentials. Boxes for little kids feature animals, princesses, dinosaurs, and more. For older kids, Penguino offers boxes filled with challenging puzzles and games, creative doodles and crafts, and cool surprises.

Penguino Travel was founded by Sara Brinton, an adventurous mom of four who has traveled to more than 35 countries. Prior to developing the first Travel Box, Brinton interviewed hundreds of parents from 25+ countries to learn why parents want to travel with their kids, despite the challenges.

“Parents want their children to travel internationally to experience diverse cultures. They believe travel will give their kids perspective and shape their purpose. I want to make it easier for moms and dads to make this happen. My mission is to empower families to go on life-changing adventures!”

About Penguino Travel

Penguino Travel makes it easy for moms and dads to discover products that make travel fun and relaxing for the whole family. As the first and only online retailer in the U.S. to specialize in family travel, the company is focused on using technology to provide personalized products and services that meet the unique needs of families planning a vacation. Founded in 2016 by Sara Brinton, Penguino Travel is headquartered in Austin, Texas. For more information about the company, please visit


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