We created Penguino Travel to transform how families travel and experience the world.

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We are passionate about traveling with our family for a simple reason: we want our four kids to grow up with an awareness of the world. We believe little travelers become big world changers.

And we’re not alone. We’ve asked parents in more than thirty countries why they travel with their kids. The answer? Parents want their children to experience the world and connect with people from diverse cultures. They believe these experiences will shape their children’s lives. 

Four Ways Travel Transforms Kids


Not every adventure is easy, but every adventure builds character. As kids explore new places, taste new foods, climb big mountains or say hello in an unfamiliar language, they build skills that will last a lifetime.


Adventure travel is an opportunity to discover creation and connect with people from diverse cultures. Travel allows children to become more aware of what life is like around the world. 


Travel connects families together, giving them a shared narrative.  Travel also connects children to the world. Travel is an opportunity to connect with people and experience how they live.


Travel shapes how we see the world and how we relate to people who are different from us. Kids who grow up traveling develop a different perspective on their lives and the world. Perspective creates purpose. 

Penguino Travel will make it easier for families to travel.

Ask any mom or dad about their experiences traveling with their kids, and chances are they will have a story or two to share.  Travel with kids is not easy. It can be expensive. The smaller the child, the more stuff they need. Being spontaneous is often a recipe for a tantrum.

While family travel is not always easy, we believe it’s worth it. As a business, we are focused on understanding the challenges parents face when they travel. We will be using technology to provide personalized products and services that meet these families’ needs. 

We will create and curate the world’s best products for family travel.

We launched Penguino with Travel Boxes designed to make it easier for parents to prepare for a trip – and to make getting there more fun and relaxing. As we grow, we will make it easy for families to find and shop for everything they need to travel adventurously.

We want moms and dads to feel confident taking their families on life-changing adventures across the country and around the world – and we want their kids to grow up with their perspective and purpose shaped by these adventures.

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Penguino Travel is a purposeful business.

We have had the opportunity to travel and discover more than thirty countries around the world. These experiences inspire us to make it easier for families to travel – yes – but they also challenge us to do business in a purposeful way. From day one, Penguino Travel has been committed to social and environmental responsibility and to giving back. 

We want to create opportunities for socially responsible factories, farmers and artisan producers to sell their products, enabling families to earn sustainable incomes while protecting the environment.   

We are also partnering with World Relief Fort Worth to welcome refugee families. For every ten Travel Boxes we sell this holiday season, we will give one Welcome Box to a refugee child who is new to Texas. By shopping with Penguino, you help us make an impact!